About Find It Near Me

From hairdressers to pool cleaners, the service you need is right near you.

Find It Near Me provides a wide array of target specific business directories designed to bring local business and customers together in the quickest and easiest way possible.

Our subject relevant sites allow businesses to list their details on a directory that has a high probability of ranking at the top of the search engines. This means that with one click, the potential customer is already viewing the businesses that are closest to their current location. It allows any business to gain market traction in the online space, regardless of their size or position in that market segment.

In addition to that, the listing provides an indexable web page for the business, which serves as an instant online presence for those that do not currently have their own website. For those that do have their own website, the page serves as an additional opportunity to rank higher on the search engines if their budget does not allow for extensive SEO campaigns.

We all want to support small businesses.
In most cases they provide a faster response, more attention to detail, friendlier service and are competitively priced.
But how do you find these businesses?
They are 7+ pages back on search engines if they do have a website at all, and they are difficult to filter out of classified websites.

Aggregator websites limit communication between the customer and service provider until they are assured of their commission lending itself to misrepresentation by both parties.
With just chat sessions as the communication source, the customer is wary of making the job sound complicated and the service provider is just worried about under quoting but at the same time not wanting to over charge and lose the job.

What happened to the old-fashioned phone call? puts the customer and service provider in direct contact with each other so the customer can be more educated and service provider can give a fair quote.

Our role here is simple; we put small businesses on page one of search engines on a level playing field, everyone is charged the same fees.
If the smallest or largest service provider is the closest to the location you are searching from, they will be displayed as the top result on our first page; and isn’t that what you want?

No one is advantaged by a larger advertising budget

We do not provide reviews and feedback, it is common knowledge they are to be taken with a grain of salt, skullduggery is quite often at play so we prefer to rely on you, our customers to report any bad experiences so we can investigate and if necessary remove the supplier from our website.

We make no apologies for turning back clock on hipster web design, we think websites are becoming unnecessarily complicated.
No, it’s not the prettiest website and it casts aside a lot of the design briefs of a modern website, but we reckon it’s the most effective.

We hope you enjoy its simplicity